La Barracuda deals with family drama in a new way two half-sisters meet for the first time in Texas.

Julia Halperin and Jason Cortlund direct from a screenplay written by Cortlund.  The film stars Allison Tolman, Sophie Reid, JoBeth Williams, Luis Bordonada, Larry Jack Dotson, Butch Hancock, Bob Livingston, and The Mastersons.

Sophie Reed stars as Sinaloa, a British woman whose mother has died and has come to Texas in order to meet her half-sister, Merle (Tolman).  Their dad was a country musician and Sinaloa has the musical gene, which takes away any doubts that Merle has about who this British woman is.

Merle’s perfect world soon crumbles.  She quits her job.  Her fiance decides to break things off.  Her relationship with her mother, Patricia, is already in a bad place.  Patricia doesn’t make things easy for Sinaloa, either.  There’s rage that has been building in Sinaloa.  The third act of the film turns into a thriller, which is something that would never been seen coming unless you don’t really pay attention to the songs.

Amazon has acquired the digital rights to La Barracuda.  The US distributor has not yet been announced but a limited theatrical release is in the works.


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